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16 April 2019Fortitude and Fancy : Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn
14 May 2019Shakespeare : The Birth of Modern Show-Business
11 June 2019JMW Turner and the Day Parliament Burned Down

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Fortitude and Fancy : Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn Nicholas Henderson Tuesday 16 April 2019

Kings Henry VII and VIII together with the short-lived Edward VI dominated the remarkable 16th century Tudor dynasty. Nevertheless it is their queens who provide us with most interest. The ten Tudor queens, some as consorts and some as queens regnant are arguably the real influence behind a tumultuous period that altered the face of England irrevocably.

Portrayed in art and architecture, in historical narrative and in cultural and religious change this lecture covers part of a fascinating period of our history to bring two of these ten queens to life.

A graduate of Selwyn College, Cambridge, Nicholas trained for the Anglican ministry at Ripon Hall, Oxford. Inspired by a period working on the staff of Coventry Cathedral he has gained a wide experience of international matters. He was formerly Bishop-elect for the Diocese of Lake Malawi in Central Africa (2005-2009) and undertook his doctorate on Lay Anglican Ecclesiology with the University of Wales, Lampeter. Nicholas has a particular interest in the period of the English Reformation and the associated cultural, architectural and social changes it has produced. He lectures regularly and currently works as a parish priest in West London.