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14 April 2020POSTPONED A Tour of Big Ben
12 May 2020POSTPONED Murder and Modernism: Walter Sickert and the Camden Town Group
09 June 2020POSTPONED Giles: his life, times and cartoons

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POSTPONED A Tour of Big Ben Tim Redmond Tuesday 14 April 2020

Big Ben is one of the most iconic buildings in the world – it identifies the UK and democracy in the Western world. But there is a lot more to this tower than the beautiful external gothic architecture, and Tim will prove this to you. Using stunning images, he will take you on a virtual tour of the interior, saving you the effort of climbing 334 spiral stairs. He will explain the historical background and discuss the friction between the often controversial personalities involved in the building and designing of the tower. Tim will then take you behind those magnificent clock faces; show and explain the workings of the enormous clock mechanism; before finally taking you into the belfry and presenting before you – Big Ben, the most famous bell in the world!

Tim spent his earlier career as a detective in the Metropolitan Police, working on murder, kidnap and anti-corruption investigations as well as in covert criminal intelligence. He retired as a Detective Superintendent and as the first police adviser to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Upon retirement, Tim decided on a complete change of direction, becoming a City of London tour guide and then a guide within the Palace of Westminster, specialising in tours of Big Ben. Big Ben is now closed for a lengthy refit but Tim still guides people on tours around parliament and continues to talk on many aspects of history and stories relating to parliament.