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03 December 2019Io Saturnalia! Happy Christmas the Roman way
12 November 2019The Queen of Instruments: the lute within Old Master paintings
15 October 2019From Bronzes to Banksy: an armchair tour of public art and street art
11 June 2019JMW Turner and the Day Parliament Burned Down
14 May 2019Shakespeare : The Birth of Modern Show-Business
16 April 2019Fortitude and Fancy : Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn
12 March 2019Artists and Espionage
12 February 2019Shaken by an earthquake : Stravinsky, the Ballets Russes and The Rite of Spring
15 January 2019Mad Men and the Artists - How The Art Industry has exploited Fine Art
04 December 2018From Frozen Forests to Reindeer: Gems from Life
13 November 2018Zaha Hadid : Architectural Superstar
09 October 2018Celebrating the Royal Academy of Arts: its 250th Anniversary
12 June 2018The Art of the Poster: The Poor Man's Art Gallery?
15 May 2018Richer than the Romanovs: The Art of Prince Nikolai Borisovich Yusupov
17 April 2018The Phenomenon of Mining Art
13 March 2018Breeches, Bonnets and Bags: British Fashion in Art through the Ages
13 February 2018Lawrence of Arabia: Excavating a Legend
16 January 2018Going Potty about Commodes
05 December 2017Mars and the Muses:The Renaissance Art of Armour
07 November 2017Out of the Blue: The story of Blue in Art
10 October 2017The Most Infamous Family in History: The Borgias

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Io Saturnalia! Happy Christmas the Roman way Gillian Hovell Tuesday 03 December 2019

This lecture will be followed by our Christmas Party. Tickets will be on sale in the autumn.

Early Christians celebrated Christmas at the same time as the ancient Romans were feasting and partying for their pagan Saturnalia festival. Many of the pagan habits were therefore absorbed into our Christmas traditions. Present-giving, holly and even party-hats all have their origins in this 2000 year old party. This talk will revel in artwork that is ancient and modern as we unwrap the images and stories behind our festive season.

Gillian gained a BA (Hons) in Latin and Ancient History at Exeter University before branching out into archaeology. She is an award winning writer and author who specialises in relating the ancient world to our modern lives, in person, in the field, on line and in the media (most recently on Radio 4). Publications include Visiting the Past: A guide to finding and understanding Britain's Archaeology and Roman Britain. Forthcoming Latin Yesterday, Today and For Ever, and A Mediterranean Tour: Not just a Load of Old Stones. Gillian teaches adult education courses in Latin, archaeology and ancient history. She has lectured for the British Museum, York University and the Ashmolean, and has also been guest lecturer on cruises, at literary festivals, and for diverse societies including Classical Associations, the U3A and the National Trust.