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04 December 2018From Frozen Forests to Reindeer: Gems from Life
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10 October 2017The Most Infamous Family in History: The Borgias

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From Frozen Forests to Reindeer: Gems from Life Maggie Campbell Pedersen Tuesday 04 December 2018

Forests are frozen in amber, and reindeer give us antler – both organic gem materials.  Others include horn, tortoiseshell, ivory, pearl, shell and coral. All have been used through the ages as personal adornment and for decorating our surroundings.
The talk will be an introduction to organics (with a Christmas slant), their past uses, and their origins. Mention will also be made of current trade bans. The presentation in no way condones the use of materials from protected species today.

MAGGIE CAMPBELL PEDERSEN, FGA, ABIPP is the first female President of the 110 year-old Gemmological Association of Great Britain (also known as Gem-A), which is an educational charity with teaching centres in twenty-three countries.  She is also an Associate of the British Institute of Professional Photography. 

Maggie’s speciality is organic gem materials – that is, those of plant or animal origin. She regards ivory as her main area of expertise.

Her work includes identifications, teaching, writing, and constant research into all the various aspects of the subject.  She has given lectures and seminars world-wide, Master Classes in museums, and has appeared on television. She has also worked in various countries as a research assistant in animal conservation, studying elephants, turtles, and other animals.

Maggie is the author of ‘Gem and Ornamental Materials of Organic Origin’, and ‘Ivory’.  Her next book, ‘Tortoiseshell’, is due to be published in 2020.