IMPORTANT INFORMATION about the Coronavirus epidemic and how it affects Granta events

Regretfully, Granta has postponed ALL REMAINING VISITS of the 2019-20 season.

The AGM scheduled for May 12th is also postponed.

There is a full statement of how we aim to manage the postponed events here, and also on our news page.

The Arts Society Granta, in collaboration with AS South Cambs and CANTAB, organises visits for the benefit, interest and entertainment of members of the three Societies, and we aim to arrange about 5-6 per year. One of the three societies will take the lead in devising and organising. These visits usually last a whole day and usually the places we visit are within 2-3 hours travel from Cambridge by coach. Occasionally the destination is London, in which case it may be more convenient and quicker to go by train.

We aim to satisfy as wide a range of interests as possible. Thus, in previous visits we have visited stately homes, art galleries, museums and gardens, and where possible, arranged guided tours, music and demonstrations.  The social aspect of the day is important and we are conscious of the need to give members the chance to chat and discuss what we have seen (or anything else). During the day there will be a need to eat and drink which we try to arrange to suit the visit. Given that the members are most likely to be retired, we avoid where we can, any requirement for strenuous activity. Given warning, we can include people people who are physically handicapped e.g. needing a wheelchair, although that also depends on the nature of our destination.  In the process of booking we will ask you about any special needs.

The benefits of visiting as a group are the reduction of cost, both in travel and taking advantages of guides, and the social aspect.

Not every visit will suit all members, but each Society will circulate to members of each, a “flyer” to tell you about any visit proposed, and these will linked to an application form which sometimes seems bit formidable but the details are needed to keep contact with participants and to ensure their safety.

The price we charge for a visit needs to cover the costs of travel, entry fees and guides. It usually includes coffee where feasible, but meals are left to the members; often the place we are visiting has provision for dining at your own expense. The high end of the price range is usually around fifty pounds.